Friday, May 7, 2010

Sending out a Message

When I posted sometime last week I mentioned that there were several celebrations around the corner that needed my gifting attention.  Two of my cousins are graduating this month.  As I reflected upon what I got for graduation I tried to really like about what was my favorite gift.  Well, I had a many favorites but what stuck out most were things I have since used.  As these two cousins are moving out this fall I thought it would be perfect to make them something for their apartments and this is what I came up with...

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

When I was in college I used a dry erase board in my bedroom a lot.  Not really school related, mind you but it was a funny way for at the time my friends and I to communicate.  They would come into my room and write me a funny message.  Most of the time they consisted of funny things like "silly hefer" or inside jokes.  It made for a good laugh...which is what I wanted to pass on to these girls.  Hopefully they will love them and also crossing my fingers that they match their room decor. 

The green and white damask print is for my cousin, Abigail.  The other frame to the right is for my cousin, Tori.  Tori's is a more retro print that I think she will really like.  To the right of hers is my Moms which has a leopard print.  I was thinking she could put it in her office or at home by her calendar.  All of these gifts are not gifted until tomorrow and really hoping the homies won't look at my blog until Monday.  I have been dying to post these little gems. 
I am going tonight to buy them a set of dry erase markers to include also.  Will let you all know what they think of their little boards.  I think I will write them a funny message to keep the tradition going :)

This little package is for my grandmother....what do you think is inside?
Mom's leopard dry erase board...(please act surprised if you read this post before Mother's Day)
This is a fabric flower arrangement also for another lucky lady. I made this with scrap fabric laying around my craft room...out of boredom :)

Happy Mother's Day, Moms!

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