Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Headbands, Galore!

Wearing these makes any day brighter...

Last night I got on a roll and made 4 headbands, 3 tattered flower pins, and embellished a shirt! Needless to say I was feeling very crafty. But how could I not when these headbands are adorable...they give me instant gratification and I hope soon each of you can wear one on your heads to represent. They are now on sale for $8 let me know if you are interested they are also available on my Etsy shop. I can custom make them for you to match any of your lovely outfits for spring.

As for the embellished shirts--as I explained in the previous posts I love these tattered flowers and I had another clearance Target tee and figured I would embellish it with the tattered flowers here is a peak...

What do you guys think? I would love to hear thoughts... Don't expect another crafty night for a while I stayed up waaay to late last night, lol!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Behold, The Whoopie Pie

For Valentine's Day my parents gave me a Whoopie pie pan from Williams and Sanoma. A Whoopie pie taste just like a Little Debbie fudge roll up! They are scrumptious and satisfy all of my cravings of zebra cakes or fudge rolls. Obviously there were very well liked...

They were rather simple to make and enjoyed by all. I will definitely be making them again...if only I can resist having them available every weekend ;)

Phil also carried me to Lowes and I got quite a bit of vegetables/herbs to start my own little container garden. We will be growing califlower, mint, rosemary, red and green bell peppers, onions, and romain lettuce. Hopefully (if they don't die) they will be ready in May-June.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Ruffle Shirt

The Ruffle delicate and adorable! I got this idea from all of the new Ann Taylor Loft shirts. All seem to have embellishment on them and I figured why not give it a whirl. I found this white T-Shirt on the clearance rack at Target for $3.94 then went to JoAnn's fabric and got 1/4 yard of this pearl fabric and ruffled it all round the scoop neck and wal-a it turned out super cute. Yesterday I wore it underneath a suit and I have to brag it was quite adorable. I am also looking to put these on my Etsy shop.

This picture was taken with my camera phone but here the shirt is while wearing the suit

I hope to try some more things out this weekend but unsure because afterall it is Valentines weekend. Hope you all have a fabulous Valentines Day!

Whit M.

The Tattered Flower

These tattered flowers were my inspiration last weekend. My Mom and I had a lot of fun making these and they were simple. Aren't they too cute? These flowers can be worn as pins,headbands,on name it!

This is Mom's new pink jacket that needed a little pizaz-- I made this one for her jacket and it makes the jacket. FYI: yellow is the new color for spring so this tattered flower choice was perfect.

They are also ADORABLE on headbands pictured below

Here is me modeling the black headband

I am admititly obssessed with these flowers. In my spare time I find myself cutting strips of fabric and making them. I will try and do a tutorial soon for those that are interested in making them. However, I am looking to sell them online at my Etsy shop so stay tuned for that...

Whats your opinion do you like the tattered beauties?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something's always in the oven

Hello all,

I am trying a new spin for blogging. My last blog spoke about wedding drama, and life in general. This blog will be different in that it will have tutorials and projects that I am currently working on. How I picked the title of the blog is that I have always had a dream of having my own store. Whether it be a bake shoppe or a cute store of my own. Since that is no way possible right now being that I am a poor newlywed I decided that I would try something out to pacify my craving. I will be trying my hand in making many things with different textures.

You may ask what does a bake shoppe have to do with it? That is a silly question for those that know me because I love baking. Well, the blog is considered the "bake shoppe" so to speak. I will also try to market my projects in a bake shoppe way also. For example--if I knit a scarf I will wrap it in a pastry you see where I am going with this? In hopes that one day my dream will come true and you can walk into my shop that looks like a bakery and in the shiny glass cases you will see handmade products that I have made or others.

I am not really going to try and sell my products--if I get grabs thats great but that is not my main goal until I sense people are interested. Mainly this will be a blog full of tutorials and to showcase my latest cravings in the bake shoppe. Questions, comments, concerns feel free to talk with me and let me know if you have ideas.

Look out for flower headbands and broches that I am going to try and "bake" this weekend.