Friday, March 26, 2010

A Textures Greeting

For starters, I do apologize for always updating my blog on Fridays.  I know the readers would probably like to read a post daily but the truth is I can't seem to find time everyday to update it.  So until I figure it out...look for new posts on Friday! 

Poor Mom has been hounding me for about two weeks to make her a few greeting cards.  Last night I finally sat down to do so.  I have been busy with work, my little family, and I got a new sewing machine....can I get an Amen?  After using one from the 80s my dear Dad finally caved and bought me a machine.  I have been working on a special little project that I can't post until after stay tuned.

Anyway...greeting cards are way fun to make and can basically be done with just scraps you have laying around.  Here are a few that I made for Mom...

Two say "Thank You", one says "hello" and the fourth one says "You make my day".  If you think about it writing notes are a thing of the past.  The only instance it seems they are written are to say "thank you".  I do not typically brag on myself, but I will say I am good about sending encouraging notes.  Card making does make a mess...but so worth it to the people on the recieving end. 
Above are a few supplies that have become my BFF when make cards.  Scrap pads which can be purchased anywhere , distress ink, which creates a finished look on the cards, and random scraps. All of which can be found at your local craft store.  I encourage you to use your creative juices and makes someones day by making them a card.  It will relieve stress after a long days work and pay off in the end.

That is all I have for now...stay tuned for next Friday when I post what my latest project.

Oh, and for those that have been looking at my blog without becoming a "follower" better do so because I can see you looking anyway ;)

Just kidding! But seriously here is how to become a follower.  On the right had side of the screen scroll down until you see the "Followers" heading.  Then click "follow".  It is that simple people!  You can sign in with many different accounts such as google, aim, yahoo, or twitter. 

An Update on the Plants

For the readers that read the post on 2.16.10 regarding my herbs here is an upade for you.  The plants are LOVING this spring weather and rain.  My husband should be known as the "green thumb" because he waters and takes care of them really well.  Pictured above is our cauliflower which should be ready in late May.  Other plants we have growing include, bell pepper, yellow pepper, onions, mint, rosemary and tomatoes.

Oh, Mack is a green thumb too I guess...since he keeps the squirrels out of the plants for us.
And here am I...the hippy with the new RayBans--layed back relaxing drinking a lemonade enjoying the spring weather. And yes, I do need a tan!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Goodness

Let's face it...anything dipped in chocolate is delicious.  Especially us girls know what its like to have a chocolate craving that can't be ignored!  Last weekend I needed to make a dessert to take to a friends house. So I scrounged around in the cabinet (very deep in the cabinet) to find something to bake.  I found an old fashioned peanut butter cookie.  Figured I would try it out and it turned out rather well--especially after drizzled in chocolate.  I got the drizzle idea from my friend Stacy, who made a cookie similar for my bachelorette party.  No peanut butter cup inside but pretty much the same idea. 
Pretty much were gone by Monday.  Period. End of discussion.  You should try it--maybe I will post the peanut butter cookie recipe for those interested.

The Rug of Many Colors

For about a week I was wrapped up in braiding fabric. Literally I probably could have streched the braid down the street and back it was so long! It surprisingly was very stress free and such a fun project--turned out very pretty too don't you think?

Before I could hardly get it on the floor before someone already made it their bed...

This is what it looks like in the living room area...makes for a pretty cozy space.  Don't be afraid to try this on your own.  If you have fabric scraps laying around the house just start braiding away.  When you think you have enough braid wrap it in a circle and hand sew it together.  As always, let me know if you have any questions or need some help. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Forward

The time has come... SPRING FORWARD!

As a reminder I made a Spring garland...I am ready for Easter at my place!

Yoyo Flowers

Yoyo me crazy!!

I love these yoyo flowers! I got yoyo crazy last Thursday night and made a shirt, notepad, and headband to match.

What do you guys think...I am noticing a trend with Ann Taylor Loft....

Cupcakes and Cocktails

I hosted Stacy's lingerie shower February 27, 2010 and she got hitched this past Sunday, March 7th. The shower was a succsess and I think everyone had a great time enjoying the bride. Here are some of the pictures from the shower...

This shower was alot of fun to do. I enjoyed using my creative part of my brain instead of the other boring half. If you are interested in me helping with a party let me know it was what I would like to do with my life...hint hint!!